"When you hit rock bottom, having Paul there to talk to is a real life saver. Thank you Paul for being there."

 - P - 

"For me the Turning Point Counselling has been a "life changing" encounter; it has not only saved my marriage but has given me the courage to face my addiction and facilitated transformational change"

 - MP -

"When I came to Paul at the Turning Point, I was unable to rid myself of the load of guilt and sin I was carrying. I was stuck in pornography, my wife was already in the process of leaving me, and I did not know where to turn. Paul showed me what I had to do, he set me up with boundaries and bottom line behaviours that I had to keep and it worked. He taught me that women were not objects to be used, also he showed me that I could be forgiven. Now 9 months later our marriage is on the mend and I am porn free and well on my way to recovery"

 - Anonymous - 

"I've been under a spell of an addiction that has ruined my life and family.  With Paul's help I was able to break my denial of my addiction and go back into my childhood and teen years were my story began and understand why I turned out to be a secretive addict.  With months of counselling I was able to keep my bottom lines and live a healthier life. I am in recovery but I know my addiction is always in the backgound where I keep it in check.  The consequence of my addiction has lead to my marriage break up and mild situation depression with self harm always fighting.  With Paul's help I have the tools to help my ongoing problems, and I know it will be another hard year for me, but over time I will heal. I work the 12 step program with our support group and I  believe in a higher power that is helping with my addiction."


See what people have to say...!

" I knew I had a little problem. I didn't think I was an addict, but I kept coming back to pornography over and over again. I could go without it periodically, but I always returned. Contacting the Turning Point was the best thing I have done in a long, long time. For me, the knowledge of what was happening in my body and brain was powerful. Counselling and emotional work brought to light things that would trigger me. I began to understand why I behaved the way I did for the first time in my life. Also, some unresolved issues that I thought were "normal" in my childhood weren't. They were still affecting me in my mid-sixties. It isn't easy, but it's definitely do-able. You will be treated with dignity by someone who has been down the same path and come out of the darkness into the light of day."


"When I sought Paul's services out, I felt very "stuck".  Feeling like I had no one to turn to, I realized I needed help.  After my first session with him, I left with much to think about, yet feeling relief, lighter and hopeful.  

Over the past year Paul has been very helpful to me.  His approach is professional, yet down-to-earth and very "real".  Paul helped me to look at things in my life from a fresh perspective, allowing me to celebrate my strengths while improving and restoring areas of my life that I was struggling with.  This year I have grown so much as a person and I am so thankful to feel like a whole person again, with improved emotional and mental health.  I am thankful that, with Paul's help, I was able to get through some difficult hurdles and I now embrace and look forward to my future!"

J - Age 35 

"What can I say about Paul?  He challenged me in my bullshit and didn't allow me to lie to myself, he gave me a safe place to share and cry, using practical exercises he skillfully brought forth emotions, solutions and realizations that had been so elusive.  I have referred so many friends, clients and colleagues to him, he is kind, compassionate and caring.  I credit Paul with helping through a very difficult time in my life, without him guiding and walking alongside me in this journey I don't think I would have come to this place of peace and happiness that I am at today.  I use the teachings and skills he gave me in my everyday life - my gratitude knows no bounds."


"Paul, this letter could never truly reflect the gratitude I feel but I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for the exercises and your methodology in applying them to helping me to understanding the addiction that I was battling . Thank you for helping me setup parameters: and giving me the tools to use them. Thank you for the great sensitivity and encouragment you showed to my wife when we met together with you and helping us face together what I was battling. Paul In my mind you went from being a life preserver, to a counsellor, to a caring friend . You've no idea how many times I've thanked God for convicting me to call you that day and for you being such a huge part of my re- claiming my life back from sexual addiction. They're just too small words Paul, and in and of themselves  sometimes seem insignificant but please know I mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say them to you, Thank You." - RB-

"Paul is one of those rare counsellors who really understands what addiction is about. Through his extensive knowledge in his area of expertise, he is able to provide you with the right tools to deal with  addiction and trauma. He has really turned my life around in the best way possible. Thanks to Paul I have been clean from my addiction for two years without any desire to fall back into old habits. I would reccomend Paul to anyone!"


"Paul's knowledge and professionalism in helping us recover from the impact of sexual addiction and intimacy anorexia was truly a blessing. We gained insight,unbiased support and were given awesome tools to understand the past and help us let go of the pain and move into a new and healthy marriage... One day at a time. Paul's nonjudgmental attitude and REAL understanding of this powerful addiction saved our marriage. We thank him and highly recommend him for making us truly understand the serenity prayer and the benefits of excellent counsellors!"

D & D

Hi Paul, 

"I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my soul for helping me through one of the most difficult challenges of my life. My battle with porn addiction has been long and arduous, to the point which I finally reached my breaking point and found you. Your accreditation in sexual recovery therapies was the key to opening the door, but your personal experiences and ability to empathize and relate was what kept me coming back. You not only talk the talk, but you walk the walk. Thank you!"


"My wife and I turned to Paul when we were at wits end regarding issues with our son
Paul has a unique ability to get you focused on a positive plan of action amidst a great deal of chaos
Not only did we find common ground to deal with our sons issues it also brought my wife and I far closer together as a result"