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Take this SELF-TEST to see if you may be struggling with a sexual addiction. If you answer "yes" to more than one of these questions we encourage you to seek out more information about sex addiction, contact us, or come in for a full assessment. The more "yes" answers there are, the more likely there is a problem.

1. Do you frequently fantasize or think about sex?


2. Have you made promises to yourself or others to change or stop some of your sexual behaviour, and then broken these promises?


3. Does your sexual desire cause you to associate with people you wouldn't normally be with or do things you wouldn't normally do?


4. Has frequenting sex sites on the internet for sexual stimulation become a habit for you?


5. Do you frequently engage in sexual chat in sexually oriented rooms on the internet?


6. Is masturbation a frequent activity for you?


7. Do you have or have you had an extensive collection of pornography or other X-rated



8. Have you gotten rid of a pornography collection and then started collecting it again?


9. Do you with some regularity buy, rent, download, or make your own X-rated videos?


10. Do you like to "channel cruise" on TV to find sexually stimulating scenes, or do you subscribe to cable in order to view sexually explicit programs? 


11. Do you engage in "phone sex" with someone you don't know or who isn't your partner?


12. Do you frequent topless clubs or strip bars? 


13. Do you frequent modeling studios for sex?


14. Do you go to massage parlors where you are able to obtain sexual massages?


15. Do you frequent adult bookstores for sexual excitement or sexual activity?


16. Do you frequent, or have you frequented X-rated movie theaters?


17. Do you frequent other sexually oriented businesses?


18. Does your regular sex partner frequently complain about the amount of sex or the type of sex you desire with him or her? If you really think about it, could your demands of your partner be excessive or outside normal limits? Or, do you suspect that your regular sex partner submits to your requests that may be excessive but doesn't tell you?


19. Have you violated your marriage or other relationship by having sex or affairs with others?


20. Are you especially excited by sexual behaviour that includes the risk of being caught?


21. Do you get a sexual thrill form exposing your private body parts to unsuspecting onlookers?


22. Do you have a habit of trying to get forbidden looks at people that give you sexual excitement?


23.Is anonymous sex with others a frequent indulgence you seek, or one you periodically return to?


24. Do you take advantage of opportunities to touch people sexually that you find attractive by touching them in a way that makes it seem accidental?


25. Are you an adult who engages in sexual activity with children?


26. Are you an adult who forces other adults to have sex with you against their will?


27. Have you been, or could you be arrested because of some of your sexual behaviour? 


28. Does some of your sexual activity cause you to have a secret life that is hidden from others?


29. Does your sexual behavior or fantasy sometimes make you feel hopeless or depressed?


30. Have you been told by someone that your sexual behaviour is excessive, inappropriate, or out of control?


31. Have you engaged in swinging, partner swapping or group sex?


32. Have you experienced tolerance with your sexual behaviour? Do you need a higher frequency or more explicit material to get the same level of arousal?


33. Do you experience withdrawal when you don't engage in your sexual behaviour? Moody? Irritable? Physical pains? Cravings? Intrusive thoughts?









This is a great question. It is important to understand that pornography is neurochemically addictive, and your use can range from very rarely, to several times a day. There is a continuum that people follow as they move from non-problematic viewing of porn to compulsive or addictive viewing of porn. Apart from the list above, there are several things that indicate your porn viewing has become a problem.


1/ You are spending more and more time finding, using, and recovering from using pornography.

2/ You are lying and covering it up more and more.

3/ You feel like you are not in "control" of your porn use. You feel driven and compelled to look at it.

4/ You have told yourself over and over "this is the last time", and you still do it again.

5/ You are feeling empty, hollow, and used up after a session of porn binging. You have a general sense of "this is not right". 6/ You feel that you could be doing something much more productive with your time than watching pornography.

7/ You are starting to look at people differently. You objectify women, can't stop checking them out, and frequently fantasize about them in a sexual way. You know it's wrong but can't seem to help it.

8/ You have a substantial collection of porn movies, dvd's or downloads on your computer, and you are adding to the collection daily or weekly.

9/ You are beginning to get "bored' with the "usual stuff" and are seeking out more variations and types of porn, perhaps certain fetishes, sub-genres, or "extreme sex acts".


These are all signs that you have developed an dependancy or an addiction to pornography. Without treatment this will get worse. Porn addiction is chronic and progressive, and you can't beat this alone. You will need help.


Call us at 705-868-8896 or email our office at for more information.

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